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  • A Drone with 4K video shooting

    Sony Airpeak -The world's smallest drone capable to carry Alpha™ camera system More information :

  • House Keeping Robots and more

    Samsung bringing AI to its robots so that we can get best service at home. Major AI and Robotics technologies of Samsung are: JetBot 90 AI+ Samsung Bot™ Care Samsung Bot™ Handy More Info:


    Introducing world's first professional quality, plug-and-play, remote production solution. With integrated 6k cinema camera, flattering LED light, microphones, and teleprompter/ Interrotron. More Info:

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  • 3rd Gen Solar Cells | Organic Solar Cells | Delhi Technology Club

    3rd Generation Solar Cells - Organic Solar Cells Flexi Solar Cell Presenting here "Third Generation Printed Organic Solar Cell". We got it all the way from Denmark,Europe. We experimented this for power generation in different light conditions. Watch the video to know the results. It is one of the new technologies. Very different from the heavy solar panels we see around us, this one is very light as the base is plastic substrate. Its flexibility would surely take solar power generation to a new level. We can also use the Half-Cell technology with this cell. #latest technology products Click here to know more about our research on Solar Investment Calculator Next Video

  • 3D Hologram Iron Man | Delhi | Delhi Technology Club

    Hologram Holo Graphic Image Hologram is recording light's interference and diffraction patterns using a laser beam on a recording medium and then recreating the 3d image. This technology along with Augmented Reality would make virtual world mix with the real world in 3D space around us. It would require no display hardware. This is soon going to make an evolutionary change in techo world. Next Video

  • Unity 2D Game Kit | Delhi Technology Club | Delhi

    Unity 2D Game Kit Part I Unity 2D Game Kit I -Tile Palette In this demo , you will see how to start with 2D Game kit of Unity. We'll create tiles using tile palette. #unity 3d developer Next Video

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  • Recon Jet™ Pro Smart glasses

    Wow! That's really cool. Where can I get that 'Recon Jet Pro Smart Glasses?' Bluehost coupon code

  • Decay Curves

    Solar cells' stability is measured as function of time. When we plot time against the stability of solar cells, it is called Decay Curve. The curve varies depending upon the situations or environment in which the stability has been measured. Decay curve is very useful but it does not give much detail about underlying degradation mechanisms. Decay Curve is a graph obtained when we plot stability of a solar cell in electrical measurements at regular intervals, hence it gives us information about how fast or slow degradation process is under specific circumstances. It also gives clues about what role factors like oxygen, water, temperature, etc. play in degradation of a solar cell. Terms Used in a Decay Curve :- E0 : Initial efficiency of a solar cell. It decreases over time. T80 : The time it takes to reduce the initial efficiency to 80%. It is sometimes taken as a measure of the useful lifetime of a device. Burn-In Phase : It has been observed that there is a rapid initial decrease in the power-conversion efficiency, which is followed by a more stable phase. This initial stage is called the burn-in phase. It is not always considered part of the proper decay curve. Ts : The time at the end of the burn-in phase is T-s. Ts80 : The time it takes to reduce the efficiency to 80% from the T-s time.

  • Recon Jet™ Pro Smart glasses

    See-What-I-See, Recon Jet Pro Smart Glasses is such an innovation that provided the capability through its video calling feature. It is very comfortable as the designers has kept equal weight on both sides with a support on nose. It is a smartphone class device that supports connectivity through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. The display combines a high-contrast micro-LCD and a 360° shroud which enables maximum readability even in bright sunlight. Last but not the lease, it has fully swappable battery, you can remove one and charge it and put in another and use the glasses. One battery works for 2 to 5 hours , depending upon the use case. Source:

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