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    • Touchless Coffee Vending Machine:

      A touch-less coffee vending machine idea designed and developed to go beyond touch screens, where touching any public device will be considered unhygienic. This coffee machine caters your need without you ever being touching it, in-fact it provides you with an exciting gesture controlled interactive menu to pour yourself just the right cup of coffee, whenever you like. That means no more letting those precious hands touch the buttons of a machine that has been touched by many others and jeopardizing yourself or others to the fear of pandemic. To get the desired coffee the machine lets you choose from various options like the You would want a cold coffee or hot? Hot coffee – Americano, Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino etc. Cold coffee – Latte, Cappuccino, Café Frappe, Mocha etc. Sugar – Brown/White/No-Sugar The above idea and design enables you to do your usual old thing in a whole new way and keep that excitement of using/trying out something new (a new tech.). Think how valuable your health is and compare the same by not putting yourself or others at risk by touching. These vending machines will replace the old touch/hard/switch/push button machines that are currently there in offices, restaurants, theaters, or even home and will open a whole new, evolved and valuable way one used to interact with them, so that you no longer need to kill your coffee desires just because of the fear of touching the same machine that has been touched by many. Demo Video :

    • 3dRudder Motion Controller

      Foot powered motion controller is here to give you much immersive experience of PS4. It is going be launched on 17th June,2019. When an architect (Valerio Bonora, who is now a co-founder of 3DRudder), found it difficult to zoom-in and out, rotate and had pain in his wrist, he came out with the idea of foot-powered motion controller. Here is the link : With your feets set and going on 3DRudder, you can control your movements through your feet and hence your hands are free to attack and do all other interactions. On the top of the device, there is a slim circular platform onto which you rest your feet. This platform rests on a rounded bottom half. To move in any direction, move your feet in the direction. The more angled the tilt, the faster you will move. You can walk straight, sprint while taking a corner or stop exactly where you want to, in a smooth, seamless way. There are no sticks and no buttons. There are two sensors IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and pressure sensors to track movements and convert them into in-game motion. It can be easily connected with your PS4 through USB. The device is compatible (and combinable) with PlayStation Move motion controllers, the PS VR Aim controller, and Dualshock 4. Things to follow this technology: It is surely going to change the game for VR/AR gamers. It would be exciting to see how it fits and change the VR/AR enabled world now.

    • IOS 11 on IPAD Pro

      Multitasking is a need of an hour in his busy world. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology which ease our lives and make us capable to keep the pace with hectic schedule. iOS11 is one of the useful aid which revolves around Persona of MULTITASKING. You must be wondering what I am talking and how iOS 11 is working at the Multitasking level. Yes, your excitement is at the right chord as this new iOS with version 11 is launching. This is completely the replacement of PC. Dock is now available from any screen. You can open the same & move to any other app instantly. A new feature is introduced which suggests the “Recent Apps”. Split view is launched in which one can view the app in split form and additionally in this view one can drag & drop text, links, photos, files, and more to other apps. iOS 11 has introduced a “FILE APP” in which stored files on any of your devices like iPad, iCloud and Google Drive can be viewed and its so easy to open the file with this “FILE APP”. Vertical sliders are there to use for volume and brightness control, which are ease in operation.Music can be played from the dock while be on the same screen. New Advanced features Playing with buttons by swiping down the button give new dimension to enhance the user experience as no need to press shift key to type special characters(₹,@…) Another app namely “NOTES APP” is improvised, In this documents can be scanned, Table Insertion is possible and adding Grid Lines in the NOTES, that redefine the level of ease, presentation as this improvised version is very simple to operate and very easy to write yet impactful and with its formatting options one can change the font, usage of bold/italic the font is possible, add bullets, alignment of the content can be done, that makes the notes in the presentational and shareable form.

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    • Delhi Technology Club| Augmented Reality Products | Robotics Engineer | Unity 3D

      nything s ossible hrough echnology A I P T T Only needs an Idea & Experiments Hi I'm Saurabh Saxena "I explore Technologies & Create Prototypes." Explore Ideas Room Reality Augmented Augmented Reality Device That's when the real is augmented with virtual. Soon going to be the next big revolution, we have done many experiments with this technology. Things are not far when we can change the world we see the way we want. Stay in touch and explore the new world. This is one of the cool technology which is adopted by many big companies like Google,Apple, Microsoft, Facebook. 3D Printing Using this technology we convert ideas to real physical touchable things. This Technology is taking over all the domains from designing crafts, toys, mechanical objects to wearables. And the filament(PLA) used in this is biodegradable. Holo Gram This will make virtual models independent of any display medium like monitor etc. Photograph is 2D information recorded and Hologram is 3D information recorded. Physics on interference and diffraction alongwith laser beam recreate the recorded 3D image. Using hologram projector we can create holographic environment. Go Solar Nature is the most intelligent of us all. Everything that we understand about nature is science and what we don't, it is magic. With such changes in the climate, we are left with no alternative other than taking nature's help. Harnessing renewable energies is the answer. Check out our solar calculator. Ro Botics Robots are the future. They can help humans in completing tasks which contains life risk like fire fighting, space exploration, under sea exploration & even human body exploration. Advertisements My Work What I've done so far... Top 6 - How To 01 Project North Star Learn how to build your own Augmented Reality Headset. More Info 10 Most Recent Blogs 02 Mobile Tank Learn how to control a mobile tank More Info 10 Most Recent Blogs 03 Unity AR Tool Learn how to use Unity Augmented Reality Tool More Info 10 Most Recent Blogs 04 Unity 3D Game Kit Learn how to use 3D Gamekit of Unity More Info 10 Most Recent Blogs 05 Raspberry Pi screens Learn how to connect two PI Screens More Info 10 Most Recent Blogs 06 Raspberry Pi low power Learn how to solve PI low power supply problem More Info 10 Most Recent Blogs Advertisements Advertisements Solar Calculators SIC Solar Investment Calculator ​ ​ SCE Solar Cell Efficiency ​ ​ Fitness Calculators BMI Calculate Body Mass Index ​ WHR Calculate your Waist to Hip Ratio LBM Calculate your Lean Body Mass ​ BF Calculate your Body Fat ​ 10 Top Blogs Advertisements Delhi, India | | (+91) 9891894349

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    • Recon Jet™ Pro Smart glasses

      Wow! That's really cool. Where can I get that 'Recon Jet Pro Smart Glasses?' Bluehost coupon code

    • Decay Curves

      Solar cells' stability is measured as function of time. When we plot time against the stability of solar cells, it is called Decay Curve. The curve varies depending upon the situations or environment in which the stability has been measured. Decay curve is very useful but it does not give much detail about underlying degradation mechanisms. Decay Curve is a graph obtained when we plot stability of a solar cell in electrical measurements at regular intervals, hence it gives us information about how fast or slow degradation process is under specific circumstances. It also gives clues about what role factors like oxygen, water, temperature, etc. play in degradation of a solar cell. Terms Used in a Decay Curve :- E0 : Initial efficiency of a solar cell. It decreases over time. T80 : The time it takes to reduce the initial efficiency to 80%. It is sometimes taken as a measure of the useful lifetime of a device. Burn-In Phase : It has been observed that there is a rapid initial decrease in the power-conversion efficiency, which is followed by a more stable phase. This initial stage is called the burn-in phase. It is not always considered part of the proper decay curve. Ts : The time at the end of the burn-in phase is T-s. Ts80 : The time it takes to reduce the efficiency to 80% from the T-s time.

    • Recon Jet™ Pro Smart glasses

      See-What-I-See, Recon Jet Pro Smart Glasses is such an innovation that provided the capability through its video calling feature. It is very comfortable as the designers has kept equal weight on both sides with a support on nose. It is a smartphone class device that supports connectivity through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. The display combines a high-contrast micro-LCD and a 360° shroud which enables maximum readability even in bright sunlight. Last but not the lease, it has fully swappable battery, you can remove one and charge it and put in another and use the glasses. One battery works for 2 to 5 hours , depending upon the use case. Source:

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