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Gamification of Robotics(Mobile Tank) -Autonomous Mode



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In our previous demo ,Gamify The Real Mobile Tank(AR). We showed how we can create a hurdle  in a Unity Game by detecting an image using an augmented reality app(running on iPhone). It was done by establishing a network connection between virtual tank in game & iOS Arkit App. App detects an image ,sends message about image detection to unity game on wifi network.The Unity game receives the message & creates a hurdle in Game.


Now in this video, we are making our real mobile tank “autonomous”.  When Unity Game receives an image detection command from iOS app, Unity Game sends a command to real Tank to move forward. And when unity game receives image not detected command, unity game sends a command to real tank to move backward.


We also introduced an “Auto braking system” in our prototype. After moving backwards for 2 seconds , we are sending brake command to the real tank.


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