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We Tested a Robotic Arm- Lifting 23 Grams 🔥🔥

In this experiment, we tested a robotic arm. Our robotic arm has 6 Degree of freedom which means it has 6 joints(servo motors).

So we’re lifting a AA Battery(23g) with the arm & putting it into a round box.


1⃣ Robotic Arm 6 DOF Aluminium Clamp DIY With 18 Servo Controller:

2⃣ Ultra Torque Metal Gear 35kgcm Coreless Stainless steel Pinion Standard Servo:

" The Robotic Arm has a 180° rotation angle and can provides 6 degrees of freedom. The kit included a parallel jaw gripper with a maximum opening span of 55mm.

----------By RoboKits----------

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