Trishul Of Shiva


In Hindu mythology, SHIVA, the God of destruction is also a Yogi. Shiva is also associated with reincarnation, because death is believed to be a necessary step for rebirth. It is believed that the Shiva's Tandava dance sustains the cosmos, and when Shiva is finished with this dance, this universe will end and a new one will begin. Everything destroys only to be reborn again.

Trishul (Trident):


The trident, or the spear with three prongs, is an instrument of punishment of Lord Shiva. It symbolizes:

  1. His three fundamental powers Will, Action and Knowledge.

  2. Manner of punishing the evil doers on all the three planes - Spiritual, Subtle and Physical.

  3. The three components - the root of Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution.

Every detail of the trident has a significance related to the cosmic nature of the God's weapon. Here I will start showing and explaining about every detail in short. ​

Nataraj image of Shiva has a ring of fire and light surrounding it, that signifies the universe. And the ring is settled upon a lotus pedestal that represents heart of every person. The whole idea is the universe is how the heart of every person is in the universe.

Every individual has seven psychic centres inside him/her. They are called Chakras. Activating the chakras have beneficial effect on the person in all three areas i.e. body, mind and spirit. Shiva was a yogi and meditator, I have shown all these Chakras on his instrument, his Trishul.

Sahasrara / Crown Chakra

Situated at crown of head, it represents highest consciousness that can be achieved.

Ajna / Third EyeChakra

Located at mid of the eyebrow, at the top of spine. This represents wisdom and intuition.

Vishuddhi / Throat Chakra

It resides at the throat centre, and it signifies purification, understanding life as a flow and not discriminating between good and bad.

Anahata / Heart Chakra

Located at the heart position in the spine, it resonates with pulse of the universe, i.e. the unstruck, undying sound.

Manipura / Solar Plexus Chakra

Situated at the navel, it is centre of dominance, self-assertion and dynamism.

Swadhisthana / Sacral Chakra

Directly behind the spine, it is centre of collective unconsciousness. Working of this can transcend animal nature in oneself.

Mooladhara / Root Chakra

Lowest of all, at the perineum in the male body and at the cervix in the female body. It is the source of all energy in mankind and the universe.

Video of Trishul / Trident
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