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Gamification of Robotics(Mobile Tank) -LIDAR

Gamify The Real Mobile Tank(LIDAR)

Gamify The Real Mobile Tank(LIDAR)

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Hey folks, we are back after a long time with an interesting project. Today we are releasing video of Part I of Project “Gamify The Real Mobile Tank(LIDAR)”.

We would like to thank “DFROBOT” for sponsoring us with their amazing hardware products like the LIDAR used in the demo.

So, what’s the basic idea? To detect surroundings without the camera or any imaging device, instead using a LIDAR. Till our last video of “Gamify the Real Mobile Tank”, we were using iPhone’s camera to detect real life object. Here, we are using the distance of a real object (a Book) provided by LIDAR, mounted on the tank, to move the virtual object in the game. LIDARs are soon going to give strong competition to camera in simulating real world. So, here goes the workflow:

    1.    The device used is a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) by SLAMTEC company. It is a self contained system with a IP address. It comes with linux based SDK in C++ programming language. We connected with LIDAR through WiFi to use its SDK on Linux machine.
   2.    Then we made a C++ program to grab distance of real object using SDK provided by LIDAR.
   3.    The C++ program is communicating the distance to Unity game running on Windows 10 machine through TCP/IP.
   4.    Every 0.5 seconds, we are sending distance of real object (Book) obtained from LIDAR to Unity game.  Unity game simulates the distance of virtual object using the distance.

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