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Injury Free Dance World

“After facing knee injury myself, I couldn’t dance for months. I wish dancers are
more aware of anatomy and alignment, so that they do not get injured and reach
greater heights in their careers.”

-Indian Classical Dancer  

Dance Injuries

Dancers who put their whole lot of effort in same amount or may
be more than a sportsperson, are present all over the world. They
practice hours to get the art perfect and communicate the feeling to the audience. Many get injured in the process, but they mostly do not get correct treatment, or do not know how to prevent the injury.
Most of them are not even conscious about how a wrong posture can harm them, and what is the reason behind that.
Once injured in ligaments and tendons, it takes a very long time to heal or sometimes they never heal, dancers only manage somehow to dance with the injury partially recovered. This is very depressing for any dancer to be away from dance for months, or getting to know that they won’t be able to dance the same way again.


Yoga practitioners, nowadays, are getting aware about human anatomy too. But dancers are still do not relate to human anatomy everywhere.
Understanding human anatomy, muscles, tendons, cartilages, bones, etc., can prevent a dancer from being injured and put a pause to their careers.


The Project

Injury Free Dance World has been made with a vision to make an injury free dance world. 

We have taken some famous Yoga and Dance postures, showcased the correct and incorrect ways of doing the pose, and explained how and why the incorrect way of doing the posture can cause injury, considering human anatomy. 

Demonstration Video
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