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Energy of Trishul(Trident)

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What do you mean by Energy

Every person has a different perception of this word. For Shiva, energy is Shakti. Now, again don’t create a picture that Shakti is feminine. It is neither feminine nor masculine. It means power, drive and force within a person. 

Does it has any limit or dimensions? No, it doesn’t, it is infinite and limitless. How is that possible? It is actually possible when you realise that we are all very tightly connected. I am all and all are me. Quantum Physics proves that scientifically. But this article is not about infinite Energy. It is about balance of energies. 

Why aren’t we discussing energy first ?


Aren’t we deviating from the topic? Actually yes, we are deviating but its a necessary deviation because before getting amazed by what the tool is and how it looks,  one should know that how the tool works, what necessity and positive requirements the tool serves, so that it can be wisely used. 

For everything on Earth, there is a counterpart to balance that thing. Nature is full of such examples. For example, gravity pulls us down, but the centrifugal force due to Earth’s rotation makes us feel steady. We have male and female, night and day, good and bad, happiness and sadness, pleasure and pain. We need the other one to balance the first. None will have any significance without the other one. There are unifying opposing energies everywhere to balance.

Trishul of Shiva

Shiva represents this nature of life i.e. balance in everything. He is both an ascetic, who is calm like a still ocean, and a dancer, whose ecstasy can shake the universe. He is creator as well as destroyer. 


Shiva’s Trident represents Will, Action and Knowledge. One who only wishes and analyses and does nothing, his thoughts never get converted into outcomes. One who does anything without thinking about it, such actions merely lead to unwanted results. One should know when to think and when is the right time to act. Or when we should act without thinking. But this needs a lot of wisdom, that comes from Knowledge. This trilogy is another important understanding of the term ‘Balance’.

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