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1 of the most Amazing Tech of 2019 - Augmented Reality Headset

Project North Star Headset - Hat Version
Project North Star Headset - Hat Version

1 of the most amazing tech of 2019 is augmented reality. Many big companies are coming with their augmented reality solutions. So we're also building an AR headset. Leap Motion has open sourced its AR headset design(Project North Star) so we're using their research. 

Let's start the story.


When we say       , few names come instantly to our mind like Newton and Steve Jobs. Some would also say that this is the very first word we learn when we start learning alphabets .. A for APPLE.

Here we are talking about the fruit, not the real one, but it's a 3D virtual object. How can we pick and hold a virtual apple with real hands? Its possible when a virtual hand follows your real one with exact movements and angles, & interact with the virtual apple

  In this demo, we're trying to catch a virtual apple using our real hands. we're wearing headset for this. Project North Star is an open source project of Leap Motion. Soon, this will become reality television. 

We can also play games like Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Football. Or we can use in Business Cards (showing virtual content on top of it) See our Demo for example.

Leap Motion:



If You want to build your own AR headset check out our tutorial:

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