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iOS 13 Beta, Release Date & Feature List

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Image Credit: Apple

Apple is going to launch iOS 13 with new range of iPhones including iPhone 11 & 11R.

Dark Mode is one of the feature of iOS 13 that excited us most . In this feature , it displays dark background in place of white bright background . This feature helps in reading of content easier in night.

Portrait Lighting Control

Using this you can now control the intensity of light in Portrait Lighting.

Immersive 3D Maps

With this feature you can move in Real World in 3D View. Explore Monuments,Streets, Parks like you playing a 3d Game as this feature lets you pan around 360 degrees.

QuickPath Typing

Now you can type by only swiping from one letter to the next.

iOS 13 Release date & Beta Schedule

June 3: iOS 13 beta 1

June 17: iOS 13 beta 2

June 24: iOS 13 public beta

July 3: iOS 13 developer beta 3

July 8: iOS 13 public beta 2

July 17: iOS 13 beta 4

July 29: iOS 13 beta 5

August 7: iOS 13 beta 6

August 15: iOS 13 beta 7

Early September 2019: iOS 13 Final Dev Beta

Mid-September 2019: iOS 13 with new 2019 iPhones

We continue to explore more features of this new amazing OS of Apple.

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