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IOS 11 on IPAD Pro

Multitasking is a need of an hour in his busy world. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology which ease our lives and make us capable to keep the pace with hectic schedule.

iOS11 is one of the useful aid which revolves around Persona of MULTITASKING.

You must be wondering what I am talking and how iOS 11 is working at the Multitasking level. Yes, your excitement is at the right chord as this new iOS with version 11 is launching. This is completely the replacement of PC. Dock is now available from any screen. You can open the same & move to any other app instantly.

A new feature is introduced which suggests the “Recent Apps”. Split view is launched in which one can view the app in split form and additionally in this view one can drag & drop text, links, photos, files, and more to other apps.

iOS 11 has introduced a “FILE APP” in which stored files on any of your devices like iPad, iCloud and Google Drive can be viewed and its so easy to open the file with this “FILE APP”.

Vertical sliders are there to use for volume and brightness control, which are ease in operation.Music can be played from the dock while be on the same screen.

New Advanced features

Playing with buttons by swiping down the button give new dimension to enhance the user experience as no need to press shift key to type special characters(₹,@…)

Another app namely “NOTES APP” is improvised, In this documents can be scanned, Table Insertion is possible and adding Grid Lines in the NOTES, that redefine the level of ease, presentation as this improvised version is very simple to operate and very easy to write yet impactful and with its formatting options one can change the font, usage of bold/italic the font is possible, add bullets, alignment of the content can be done, that makes the notes in the presentational and shareable form.

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