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Touchless Coffee Vending Machine:

A touch-less coffee vending machine idea designed and developed to go beyond touch screens, where touching any public device will be considered unhygienic. This coffee machine caters your need without you ever being touching it, in-fact it provides you with an exciting gesture controlled interactive menu to pour yourself just the right cup of coffee, whenever you like.

That means no more letting those precious hands touch the buttons of a machine that has been touched by many others and jeopardizing yourself or others to the fear of pandemic.

To get the desired coffee the machine lets you choose from various options like the

  • You would want a cold coffee or hot?

  • Hot coffee – Americano, Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino etc.

  • Cold coffee – Latte, Cappuccino, Café Frappe, Mocha etc.

  • Sugar – Brown/White/No-Sugar

The above idea and design enables you to do your usual old thing in a whole new way and keep that excitement of using/trying out something new (a new tech.). Think how valuable your health is and compare the same by not putting yourself or others at risk by touching.

These vending machines will replace the old touch/hard/switch/push button machines that are currently there in offices, restaurants, theaters, or even home and will open a whole new, evolved and valuable way one used to interact with them, so that you no longer need to kill your coffee desires just because of the fear of touching the same machine that has been touched by many.

Demo Video :

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