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It doesn't give you good vibes when there is something external that can control your mind. But it can have positive effects too in medical science.

'Neuroprosthetics' is the word. It means communicating with living neurons to control something using a machine. But it is well known that if spinal nerves are damaged, muscles can be stimulated themselves. This process is called 'functional electrical simulation'. This can be used in medical science to help someone to swing foot forward who otherwise is not able to do so.

The same concept can be used for the movement of an artificial limb or bionic arm, in which muscle activity can be used to control hand movements.

Science Behind

Our body has billions of neuron cell. They generate electrical impulse. But we do not generally feel that because there is a gap between neuron cell so they do not connect like a wire and generate electrical impulse. But when we touch something hot, the neuron cells crosses the gap hundreds of time to make the impulse reach to the brain when we feel that and instruct our muscles to remove our hand off the hot thing.

This can be achieved through external electrical impulses too. Hope this thing can be a little clearer to the readers. So, if you go to the link above, you will find a number of experiments in which a simple device generating electrical impulse to neuron cells that in turn makes you move your muscles. So, in a sentence machine has the power to control your muscles.

This may sound dangerous. But it can be a blessing if you are happy with the thing who is controlling the device or impulsion. It would be even amazing if your own brain does that.

Using such devices has to be very carefully done, specially they should not be used near the throat or spine as it may cause harm to one's vertebrae, that may cause an unwanted situation too. Stay safe and alert.

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