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Meet spot

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Welcome to the world of Boston Dynamics and meet their robot "SpotMini". They have succeeded in making a nimble robot so stable and so powerful that ten of such robots can pull a truck.

It's a robot that can handle objects, climb stairs, adjust its height to go under a table, lift itself back at standing position after flipping over, can walk over the sloped and uneven area. It can be used in offices, homes and outdoors.

Nowadays, we do exercises based on 'Animal Flow' where we learn to move and be flexible like an animal. An animal uses its body much more efficiently than a human being. They can't speak and express themselves, hence for most of the things they are dependent on their own senses and body.

Most of the animals have greater vision area than a human. Hence, the idea of Boston Dynamics to make robots similar to animals and not a human being is actually a brilliant one.

SpotMini is a small four-legged robot. It is an absolute fit in an office or home. SpotMini is environment friendly as it is all-electric and can work for around 90 minutes after a full charge.  All other robots developed by Boston Dynamics makes a little noise. But, SpotMini is the quietest among them. 

Before SpotMini, Boston Dynamics had developed a robot called Spot. SpotMini has inherited its mobility from Spot.

New features in SpotMini ahead of Spot:

  • Ability to handle objects

  • Improved perception sensors, stereo cameras, depth cameras, an IMU, postion/force sensors in the limbs. Sensors has improved navigation and movement manipulation.

  • 5 degree-of-freedom arm.

Configuration of Robot 'Spot Mini':

Height : 0.84 m

Weight : 30 kg

Payload : 14 kg

Power Source : Battery

Actuation : Electric

Perception : 3D Vision System

No. of Joints : 17

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