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Vr Motion sickness Solution: Boarding VAR

Many of us feel Motion Sickness, while sitting in a bus or sometimes car for a long journey, but most of us do not discuss about it. As per a study, Motion sickness is due to conflict in sensory signals to the brain. See the video below for more detail about motion sickness :

One of the main reasons that Virtual Reality(VR) devices has not become as popular as it should be, is motion sickness due to using VR devices for 15 minutes or more. Number of VR headsets has been created but none made up a mark among gamers or normal users because of this reason.

The Boarding VAR device is something that has been created to solve Virtual Reality motion sickness. It has been created by "The Ollioules", a France-based Boarding Ring team. The special thing about this device is, it can be attached to any headset and it can counter the "sensorial conflict" due to using VR, and prevent nausea, dizziness and headaches due to VR motion sickness.

The company has recently won CES Innovation Awards for the world's first solution to avoid VR sickness.

Quoting the words of Cofounder and CMO Marilous Suc at the company's CES 2019 booth “We developed little add-ons that could be easily implemented in all kinds of virtual reality headsets,” . “It sends you some light signals that are consistent with your body movement, so you will avoid the conflict between your inner ear and your peripheral vision.” The device is expected to come into the market at the end of 2019. As of now, the device is in pre-industrialization step and they are making prototypes. Other than VR motion sickness countering device, it is amazing that the company is also developing other products to eliminate motion sickness of other types as well.

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