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Unity UDP

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Create once, publish everywhere

Hey everyone, Unity has just started a new but very user-friendly feature for its developers.

We as developers put a lot of mind and effort in designing and developing our games or any other kind of project on Unity. Publishing to various stores takes another good crunch of time that can be instead used in making games better or learning new technologies.

For every such person or team, Unity has given the feature of publishing to multiple stores in one go. Currently, four stores are part of Unity Distribution Portal, soon more will join. It thus reduces the complexities associated with publishing on separate app stores. And also giving the opportunity to grow and connect with millions of players worldwide.

Participating UDP stores

  1. Catappult

  2. MOO Store

  3. Jio Games Store

  4. One Store

Some important points about UDP

  • UDP is entirely free for developers.

  • UDP work with Unity supported Android mobile form factors.

  • UDP does not support Hardware-related optimizations.

  • You can select all or few stores as per your wish.

  • UDP won't handle the payouts by participating stores. That needed to be done separately. 

  • UDP won't block any 3rd-party SDKs for tracking, optimization, ads, etc.

  • As or now, UDP is only supporting games made with Unity.

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