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Realtime or Rendered

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

This year during GDC keynote, Unity team showcased a teaser of upcoming short film named 'The Heretic'. There was a man in the teaser walking through a cave like place. Amazingly, the man was not a real man, it was unbelievably rendered so as one cannot believe his eyes. The complete scene from the face of the man, to the shine of the water on the ground to his eye movement, everything was completely rendered yet equally real.

The demo shows Unity’s next-level rendering capabilities in graphics. To create this demo, Unity has performed some customizations above their Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP) rendering architecture.The demo is built on Unity 2019.1.

This was also Unity's first ever demo that showcases real-time digital humans. The team has used both 3D and 4D scanning data and combined them, and then built a complete pipeline from data acquisition to real-time rendering.

For rendering to the perfect look, the team has created the shades on the basis of Unity's HDRP to achieve the equal to real look.

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