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Microsoft azure Kinect DK

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Microsoft Azure Kinect DK where DK stands for Developer Kit, is a big step from Microsoft towards the world that would depend upon the accuracy of lens and sensors. The hardware has advanced AI sensors that are meant for sophisticated vision and speech requirements.

It is targeting the future of image processing.

It is not targeting end consumers. It is usable for developers and commercial businesses who can think of an idea and use the amazing capabilities of the SDK to convert their idea to a product.

It has Sensor SDKs, Body Tracking SDK, Azure Cognitive Services.

Sensor SDK:

It has access and control of Depth camera , RGB camera , Motion sensor (gyroscope and accelerometer), Device calibration data and many other. One can easily imagine the power that the sensor carries in itself. It can be used for motion capturing of anything or person with great detail, track it, give results that can be manipulated and used in various ways.

Body Tracking SDK:

The Body Tracking SDK includes a Windows library and runtime to track bodies in 3D using Azure Kinect DK hardware. This SDK includes the following features like Body segmentation, uniquely identifying persons, ability to track bodies through time. They are also providing a viewer tool to track bodies in 3D. Cool na..

Azure Cognitive Services:

This would complete solutions. For example, you can utilize voice controls to interact with your product which scans objects for dimensions and labels.

Supported operating systems and architectures are:

1. Windows 10 April 2018 release (x64) or later

2. Linux Ubuntu 18.04 (x64) with OpenGLv4.4 or later GPU driver

More Info:

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