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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Enflux is a one of those first products that enables Real Time Motion Capturing using a Suit. We all have seen Marvel Studio's movies or movies like Real Steel, where your body movements control a virtual 3D model or a robot. Enflux product consists of a shirt and pant that has 10 sensors attached to it. When a person wearing the suit moves, these sensors sense the movements and communicate the movements through bluetooth to software in your computer that in turn moves a 3D model same as you move in real time.

Enflux supports Blender and Unity for Windows. It means that if one has 3D model in Blender or Unity in Windows OS, he/she can move the 3D model with his/her own movements in Real Time with Enflux, after doing some configurations obviously.

Applications are limitless, it can be used almost everywhere where we use our body to do anything. Be it Yoga, Dance, Exercises, Repairing things, etc. Further, if you can control a Robot with the 3D model, you can do everything that the small boy does with the robot in the movie Real Steel, yeah..

Well here are some limitations that Enflux do not track all your movements like you fingers, toes, heels, face, neck, etc. It is limited by its sensors. With influx the other devices also that have come up. There are devices that are doing image processing and hence they are not limited by their sensors. So it would be interesting to see like what what is there in future. And what would succeed this field of real-time motion capturing.

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