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Nissan AR Concept

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

At CES 2019, Nissan introduces a ground-breaking concept called 'Invisible to Visible' or I2V. This technology is going to change the world of driving cars. The broad idea of this concept is to make driving amazingly easy by giving informations that are not visible or accessible through human eye, ears or other senses.

For example, it can tell you that someone is about to cross the road with approximate distance, in advance.

Another example it would tell you about small vehicles like bicycles or bikes when they are about to overtake from the side. It would inform you about any obstacle like falling tree on the road.

What I found unbelievable use of AI and Image processing is that, if there is quite foggy and one is not able to see clearly see through windshield, this technology is processing the foggy image and changing it to another image of the place that would be same as the image if there has been no fog.

And the story do not finish here, you can also get a virtual driving companion that could be anyone, that may not be physically there with you but it will be virtually there, so as to increase human interaction.

You can also put on a mode where a pro-driver will appear with his car that would move ahead of you continuously and give you personalised driving instructions.

Ofcourse, last but not the least, it would tell you the optimum route to your destination, and guide you through free parking spaces available or about to be free.

Few years ago, when virtual and augmented reality seemed to lose its pace because of various reasons. But now is the time, when it has come back very mature and ready to take upon the commercial market in every sector.

Many more things to come and change the world around you. Keep coming back to the blogs for more such info.

Demo :

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