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3dRudder Motion Controller

Foot powered motion controller is here to give you much immersive experience of PS4. It is going be launched on 17th June,2019. When an architect (Valerio Bonora, who is now a co-founder of 3DRudder), found it difficult to zoom-in and out, rotate and had pain in his wrist, he came out with the idea of foot-powered motion controller.

Here is the link :

With your feets set and going on 3DRudder, you can control your movements through your feet and hence your hands are free to attack and do all other interactions.

On the top of the device, there is a slim circular platform onto which you rest your feet. This platform rests on a rounded bottom half. To move in any direction, move your feet in the direction. The more angled the tilt, the faster you will move. You can walk straight, sprint while taking a corner or stop exactly where you want to, in a smooth, seamless way. There are no sticks and no buttons. There are two sensors IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) and pressure sensors to track movements and convert them into in-game motion. It can be easily connected with your PS4 through USB.

The device is compatible (and combinable) with PlayStation Move motion controllers, the PS VR Aim controller, and Dualshock 4.

Things to follow this technology: It is surely going to change the game for VR/AR gamers. It would be exciting to see how it fits and change the VR/AR enabled world now.

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