Anything Is Possible Through Technology

Only needs an Idea & Experiments

Augmented Reality

That's when the real is augmented with virtual. Soon going to be the next big revolution, we have done many experiments with this technology.  Things are not far when we can change the world we see the way we want. Stay in touch and explore the new world. This is one of the cool technology which is adopted by many big companies like Google,Apple, Microsoft, Facebook.

3D Printing

Want to explore 3d printing

Using this technology we convert ideas to real physical touchable things. This Technology is taking over all the domains from designing crafts, toys, mechanical objects to wearables. And the filament(PLA) used in this is biodegradable.


Want to learn Holograms

This will make virtual models independent of any display medium like monitor etc. Photograph is 2D information recorded and Hologram is 3D information recorded. Physics on interference and diffraction alongwith laser beam recreate the recorded 3D image. Using hologram projector we can create holographic environment.

Go Solar

Learn more about Solar Cells

Nature is the most intelligent of us all. Everything that we understand about nature is science and what we don't, it is magic. With such changes in the climate, we are left with no alternative other than taking nature's help. Harnessing renewable energies is the answer. Check out our solar calculator.


Explore Robotics

Robots are the future. They can help humans in completing tasks which contains life risk like fire fighting, space exploration, under sea exploration & even human body exploration.

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